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Claim Your Xfinity Free Movie Credit

Xfinity is a trade of the Comcast Cable Communications, and they are the marketer of cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. The company was founded in, 2 April 1981, and has its current revenue of, 5,252 crores USD. Xfinity has its headquarter in, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, and it works under its parent organization, Comcast. The company also has subsidiaries, Comcast Cable vision of Taylor, and soon.


If you an Xfinity customer, then, you can get up to $5.99 free movie credit. You just need is to access the official Xfinity One Demand Credit official site where you need to input your coupon or letter code. Here, you will get a 3 credit limit or household in a month. Thus, if you have the coupon or the letter code, then you must haste and get this exciting offer as soon as possible. If you are totally unaware of how to take advantage of this offer, then you need to get your internet-connected computer ready.


Xfinity One Demand Credit

This is an online portal that lets the customers to complete the registration process of the very program. To register for this program, the consumers will need to the credit code. If a customer can’t provide the code, then heor she will end up receiving a credit offer which is  already be void. This is a promotion which is limited to only the customers of the XFINITY TV and they have to also be having good standing accounts.


The Infinity or Comcast customers will need to permit up to thirty day time period to show the credit on the bill they got. In this case if the credit still not available after the 30 days, then you have to get in touch with a customer care representative by calling on, 1.800.934.6489.


Rules for this

  • With the help of this program, you would be able to enjoy $5.99 off in your future bill.
  • The coupons are never transferable and you can’t combine them with the other Xfinity promotions or offers, if you have got one.
  • Each customer of Xfinity is limited to 3 coupons per household.
  • Only the original and the One Demand coupons are acceptable and the process of redemption has to be completed within just 5minutes.
  • You need to allow 30 days for the credit to appear on your account



Claim the credit

For this, you have to go to, www.xfinityondemandcredit.comClaim Your Xfinity Free Movie Credit

  • Here, at the middle of the page, you have to type the characters given and click on, ‘Submit’.
  • On the next page, you have to type the, code from the letter or coupon, you have got.
  • Then, press on, ‘Submit’.
  • This way you can claim the free movie credit from the online site.

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Contact details

If you want to contact the Xfinity, you need to call on, 1-800-934-6489.



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