Apply For USAA Classic Visa Platinum

Apply For USAA Classic Visa Platinum

Are you willing to get the USAA Classic Visa Platinum card inside your wallet? If yes then you can obtain the card online. Applying for the credit card is easy as you just need to provide some personal and financial information on the application form.

The credit card is issued by the American Express. It is available to U.S army personnel or their family members. If you are a spouse of a U.S Army personnel or any other dependent you can get the card. It comes equipped with several great features such as low interest and exclusive discount offers. Read the guide below for a detailed insight into the USAA Classic Visa Platinum Card.

Benefits of the USAA Classic Visa Platinum Card

  • The USAA Classic Visa Platinum credit card is showered with a lot of platinum features.
  • Application is easy at the website of the USAA.
  • You can get 3X rewards points on using the credit card for dining.
  • Earn 2X points whenever you use the credit card at gas stations and grocery stores.
  • There is 1 reward point allotted to card members when they use the card for all other purchases.
  • You do not have to pay any annual fee for usage.


  • The USAA Credit Card is great for you if you are working in the U.S Army.
  • It is a rewards credit card hence anyone looking for a rewards card would find it handy.


  • APR rate of the credit card is high if your credit worthiness is low.
  • The credit card is not available to the general population. You can get the credit card only if you are serving in the U.S. Army.

USAA Classic Visa Platinum Card Rate and Fee

  • There is a variable APR of 12.15% – 28.15%.
  • Annual fee charged is $0.
  • Grace period is 25 days.
  • Cash advance fee is 3% or maximum $200
  • Foreign transaction fee is $0
  • Cash advance APR rate is 12.15% – 28.15%.
  • $35 is charged for late payments.

Requirements for Application

  • To get the credit card you need to be a resident of the United States.
  • You must be serving in the U.S army.
  • You should be a spouse or dependent of U.S. Army personnel.
  • One must have a valid SSN.

How to Apply for USAA Platinum Credit Card

  • Individuals who are eligible to get the USAA Credit Card should register at USAA. As soon as you are registered at the USAA webpage you need to sign into your account.
  • Open the credit cards page of USAA and you will find a ‘Get Started’ button placed below the credit card icon.Apply For USAA Classic Visa Platinum
  • Tap on it and you will be taken ahead to the application page of the American Express.
  • Enter the required details on the application form available there and submit the credit card application form.

USAA Credit Card Check Application Status

  • Individuals who have already applied for the USAA Credit Card can check their application status by calling on 1.800.531.8722.
  • Enter your Social Security Number and application reference number to know the status.

USAA Credit Card Activation

Activate Online

  • To activate USAA Credit Card log into your USAA account. If you do not have an account you can register for one.
  • After you log in there will be the ‘Activate Card’ tab on the account management console. Click on the button and it will direct you to the activation section.
  • Enter the details that are demanded for card activation and wait for the confirmation screen.

Activate via Phone

  • For USAA Credit Card activation through phone you must call on 201-531-8722.
  • The IVR will request you to choose options. Select the credit card activation option or the options that apply to you.
  • Now enter the requested data for activating the card.

How to Log in

  • USAA Credit Card holders can access their account at the website of the USAA. Open the homepage to log
  • At the top right corner, there will be a search icon. Beside it there will be a ‘Log On’ button.How to login for USAA Platinum Credit Card
  • Tap on it and it will direct you to a log in page. Type in the online id and password and click on the button tagged ‘Log On’.

Forgot Online ID

  • Anyone who has lost their online id must open the website of USAA Classic Visa Platinum.
  • Tap on the link tagged ‘I Forgot my Online ID’ in order to get started.
  • Provide the USAA Number, SSN or Tax ID Number or you can also continue without these.
  • Next the user needs to complete the security check and click on ‘Next’.

Forgot Password

  • To recover lost password you should go to the login page. After the webpage opens select the link that reads ‘I forgot my Password’ to go further with the password reset.
  • In order to set a new password enter your online id and complete the security check.
  • Now you will be enabled to change password. Enter a new password and confirm.

How to Set Up Online Access

  • To set up online account access, open the website of the USAA American Express.
  • Locate thesign in widget. Below the sign in section you will find a link that reads ‘Set up online access’.
  • Tap on it and you will find a webpage labelled ‘Register for USAA Online and Mobile Access’.
  • For getting started one must select whether they are a USAA member to proceed with the registration.
  • Now you will be asked to confirm identity using SSN or USAA Number.
  • Go further with the security check then tap ‘Next’.
  • Next you will be enabled to set a user id and password for logging into your online account.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills

Online Payment

  • Credit card customers can pay their USAA Credit Card bills over the internet. To pay online the customer must log into their USAA account.
  • As the account opens you will find a ‘Payment’ tab on the account dashboard. Tap on it and you will be directed to a payment window.
  • Fetch the payment information and validate the payment.

Set Auto Pay

  • Customers can also set up auto payment online. To set up auto payment you can open the payment page of the USAA.
  • Select the ‘Join Now’ button which is found at the bottom of the website and enroll for automatic payment.

Pay through Mail

In order to make the payment via mail you need to use the following address:

USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288-9876

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At the closure the USAA Classic Visa Platinum can be a great credit card for U.S Army personnel, their spouse or dependents. It has a decent amount of rewards associated with it. Hence, you would save on using the card at any destination.


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